Mouse Lung Transplant Core

The goal of the UCSF Mouse Lung Transplant Core is to provide specialized surgical services for investigators interested in modeling lung transplant complications in mice.  Fengchun Liu, MD, is a talented microvascular surgeon who is skilled in the following lung surgeries in mice or rats:

  • Orthotopic, single-lung transplantation
  • Orthotopic, single-lung transplantation model of Primary Graft Dysfunction (Prolonged Cold Ischemia)
  • Hilar-clamp model of lung ischemia-reperfusion injury
  • Heterotopic tracheal transplantation
  • Orthotopic tracheal transplantation
  • Pneumonectomy

Dr. Liu also has experience in rodent heart, kidney, liver, and small bowel transplantations.

For interested investigators, please send an email to Mark Looney ( with a brief description of the proposed project.